Young Eco Celebrities Who Make Us Green With Style Envy!

eco celebrities

They’re young, stylish and eco-fabulous! Here are some of the most fashionable, young, female eco celebrities and what makes them so greenspirational.

1. Emma Watson

Although only twenty-four years of age, Emma has been very eco-minded when it comes to her threads. She is strongly against fast fashion and overconsumption, once stating that she owns only eight pairs of shoes. Towards the end of last year, Emma teamed up with green designer Livia Firth for her Green Carpet Challenge (which aims to display gorgeous and sustainable clothing at glittery high-profile events). Livia launched a collection of eco fashion pieces that were created by five top names in fashion and Emma was the lucky star who got to model them on Net-a-Porter. Not surprisingly, the collection was a success!

2.  Olivia Wilde

Not just a pretty face, Olivia has been a key player in green style. She has been snapped with some great planet-friendly fashion (remember the eco bag she wore that was made from recycled materials?) and was named as a celeb who recycles her wardrobe by wearing the same dress in different ways (we love it when stars are sustainable). Olivia is a prime example of how being an eco-fashionista is more than just about what you wear. She is currently playing the part of a superhero called Princess Layers in a campaign to encourage American youth to recycle clothing they don’t want. For this she has joined forces with H&M and The campaign is set to run until the 20th June.

3. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has been no stranger to eco-living. How can we forget when she was asked to be a face of Dior and requested vegan shoes? (Of course she got her way.) Natalie is often seen on the red carpet in sexy and sustainable wear by brands such as Stella McCartney. She has been very supportive of animal rights, fervently against clothing that makes use of animal products such as leather and fur. For Natalie, green loving extends to the rest of her life, even her engagement ring. It featured a round diamond stone that contained certified conflict-free pave diamonds as well as a band produced from recycled metal platinum. Green can be glam!

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