5 Minutes with Kelly Ricardo

remake design challenge kelly ricardo

Meet Kelly Ricardo, Remake Design Challenge FASHION finalist, and in her 1st year at CTCFD. We find out what makes this punk-chic, glam-rock fashionista tick…


If your collection had a theme song, what would it be?

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream version)

One thing we need to know about you as a designer?

My debut fashion show was at Mozambique Fashion Week ’13.

I can’t start my day without…

Thanking God for my life.

You are currently obsessed with?

Dr Martens lace up boots and red lipstick.

Name one designer you would most like to meet?

Karl Lagerfeld – he is a true fashion mogul.

If you could dress any celeb for a red carpet event, who would it be?

Rihanna – I feel we share the same taste, in a way.

My own style is…

A cocktail of punk-chic and glam-rock.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

No one can go back, we can only go forward; and as the sun rises I should tell myself, ”This is the first day of my life.”

Tell us a little more about your ’TRANSPARENCY’ collection. What inspired you?

My Transparency collection, titled ”Now You See Me”, was inspired by hypnosis. I’m intrigued by the fact that as you are hypnotized, your mind is heightened and open to an altered mental state you’ve always had yet haven’t made use of. The colors often used in the process of hypnotising are black and white, hence my choice of monochrome as part of my collection. Smoke as well plays a part in my inspiration; it has the capability to hide things that aren’t heavily covered. Which is why I chose sheer fabric. If a cloud of smoke is thick enough, it can cover up a lot. So, only those who wish to find out what it is hovering over will get to know. Just like in hypnosis, only the curious and daring will uncover the secrets.

remake design challenge kelly ricardo

What challenges have you experienced by adhering to the competition principles of using sustainable design techniques?

The only challenge I faced whilst designing a sustainable design collection was the choice of fabric to use in my collection. As it is my first time having to make a sustainable collection, I was quite uncertain. I’m very glad my work was satisfactory in the end.

What’s on your horizon?

Completing my 3 years at CTCFD and advancing to my Masters Degree. What happens in between will just be part of my ride in the fashion industry. I trust it will be thrilling.

How do your friends describe you?

The opinions of my friends differ. To some I’m a nyctophiliac with too much energy and to others I’m a loyal friend that you can always count on if you want company when eating a lot of junk food.

What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe?

A pair of leather Casadei boots I got in 2012.

Top tip when it comes to sustainable design?

My best advice would be not to limit yourself and do all the research you can in order to achieve the perfect design for yourself. It is not that different from normal clothing design, once you get used to the concept.

remake design challenge kelly ricardo


remake design challenge kelly ricardo


remake design challenge kelly ricardo

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