Makeup Contouring

makeup contouring

Every wondered how some celebrities (like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum) always look flawless in magazines and on the red carpet….but catch them unexpectedly doing a quick coffee run or gym workout and they look like entirely different people?

Magazine cover perfection can be attributed to Photoshop, but you can’t really fake it on live TV, can you? Photoshopping a video isn’t a thing. Their trick is makeup contouring. While you probably don’t have professional, personal makeup artists at your beck and call 24/7, this nifty makeup trick can be learned. If you want to fake the perfect cheekbones, prettiest nose and perfectly symmetrical face, all you need is some bronzer, concealer, different shades of foundation and blending brushes. Here’s how to contour your face:

What you will need

  • Foundation that matches your skin tone
  • A concealer stick that’s a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone
  • A foundation that’s quite a few shades darker than your natural skin tone
  • A flat foundation brush
  • A softer blending brush
  • A larger powder brush

Now while you apply the concealer and foundation, you might be a bit alarmed. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to look like war paint before you start blending (and it’s surprisingly easy to blend).

Firstly, apply the foundation that matches your skin tone to your entire face (you might want to use a makeup primer beforehand as this really helps the different types of foundation to stay in place). Then, take the concealer stick and draw lines on your temple (in your T-zone) and one straight line down your nose, as well as directly under your eyebrows, on your cheeks, below your cheek bone and put just a spot below your nose and on your chin. The idea is to make sure you’ve got light concealer on the spots that you want to accentuate and where the light would naturally hit your face.

Take your flat brush and apply the dark foundation to the hollows of your cheeks, across your hair line, a small line down both sides of your nose, under your jaw line and to the top of your neck. Then, take your blending brush and start blending what now looks like war paint in a circular motion until everything evens out. Finish off by using a translucent powder or bronzer (depending on the effect you want) to the entire face!

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