Why You Should Sweat it!


Dripping with sweat after an intense gym session is not just a tangible sign that you’ve made it through another calorie-burning fest (although that does feel pretty great). Sweating actually has many health benefits you might not realise.

So here’s why you should sweat:

1. Detox!

You can give your body a nice flushing of toxins by getting hot and sweaty. Some of the harmful substances that can be removed from your body through sweat include cholesterol, salt and alcohol. Cleansing your body of salt specifically helps to prevent kidney stones because you sweat out the salt instead of letting it reach your kidneys. By releasing toxins, you also boost your immune system.

2.  Cleanse Your Skin

If you sometimes experience annoying pimples, a good sweating session can help. Think of sweating as a skin cleanser: it opens up your pores and releases all the dirt that has clogged them. However, don’t end up with boomerang breakouts due to dirt gathering on your skin from impurities in sweat that aren’t washed away — make sure you clean your face twice daily.

3. Phase out Pain

Being active might not feel like what you want to do when you’re experiencing pain, but it could just be the ticket to feeling better. The reason? Exercise works to encourage neurochemical pathways in the brain. This helps to produce endorphins, or ‘feel-good’ chemicals, that actually dull pain.

4. Master Your Mood

Thank endorphins again for boosting a bad mood. But even if you are suffering from depression instead of just a day of the blues, sweating can help you feel better. According to a study by Duke University in the USA, participating in aerobic exercise on a regular basis can work just as efficiently as antidepressants when it comes to treating major depression. It might even be able to lower your experience of depressive symptoms in future.

5. Slay Infections

Sweating is a good way to fight off infections, thanks to a protein called dermcidin. When we sweat, dermcidin is activated and works as a natural antibiotic that can treat various infections and super bugs, according to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

So the next time you get your sweat on in the gym, feel good that you’re not only toning up but also boosting your general health.

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