Bamboo Sunglasses that Help Save Forests

bamboo sunglasses - seed eyewear

Currently gathering funds through a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo, Seed Eyewear is on a mission to make sustainable and elegant bamboo sunglasses with a cause – with every pair of sunglasses purchased, you donate to plant 5 new trees.

The sunglasses offered in Seed Eyewear’s first production run offer a unique take on some classic frame designs, with the main twist being that all the frames are made with 100% bamboo (making them lightweight and sturdy) and stained to either black or dark brown. They include spring hinges and double polarized Revo lenses.

The company is raising the funds to fund the first production run as well as hopefully plant hundreds of trees in the process. It plans to partner up with multiple tree planting organizations, mainly focusing on helping communities in troubled areas that rely on their forests.

“We’ve worked with over a 100 fashion and style bloggers, artists and makers, to help us select the models and color combinations for our first Seed Eyewear collection. In the end we launched the campaign with 3 different frame designs, each in 2 different colors,” says co-founder Neza Bizjak.

bamboo sunglasses - seed eyewear


bamboo sunglasses - seed eyewear

Seed Eyewear says they already have all the parts and suppliers lined up and are ready to move as soon as the crowdfunding campaign closes – which is August 20th – to quickly send out the pre-ordered pairs of sunglasses to all the IndieGogo supporters.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign here.

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