Apple iCloud Powered by Solar Farm

In an effort to green up their act, Apple has converted all of its data centres to clean energy. In North Carolina this means 55 000 solar panels which now power Apple’s iCloud.

Although Apple needs reliability when it comes to keeping it’s systems up and running, they are not 100% off the grid. But the initiatives mark a turnaround for Apple, which was criticized in the past for working conditions and the use of toxic chemicals at its factories in China and for its heavy reliance on carbon intensive sources such as coal to power the cloud.

“They are the gold standard in the state right now,” said David Pomerantz, a senior Greenpeace campaigner. “There are a lot of data centers in North Carolina and definitely none has moved as aggressively as Apple has to power with renewable energy,” he said.

See the full story on Grist.

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