Ten Green Lifestyle Changes that Will Save You Cash

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There are always great things you can do to live a little greener and the bonus is that these actions can help your wallet, too.


1.Wash with Cold

When the weather starts to heat up, you can afford to wash your clothing in cold water more. This will save you a lot of energy – up to 85 per cent of energy that is used to machine-wash clothing goes to heating up the water!

2. Buy an E-Reader

If you’re a bookworm, investing in an e-reading device can help you cut costs in the long run. There are often great deals for e-books available, with some being completely free. Having all your books in one place prevents you from accumulating a lot of paperbacks and when the reading bug strikes you don’t have to increase your carbon footprint by driving to the local bookstore for a new novel.

3. Install a Water Filter

If you regularly buy bottled water, you’re accumulating a lot of plastic that ends up being thrown away. It’s been estimated that approximately 80 per cent of water bottles in the U.S. get tossed into the trash after being used once. This is not good for the environment or your wallet. Rather use a water filter to purify your tap water.

4. Borrow it!

Need a power drill or cupcake tin? If you hardly ever use certain items, consider borrowing them from a neighbour or friend when you need them instead of having to buy them.

5. Collect Water

A lot of water goes to waste around the house, which can cause your bills to spike. Make use of containers to collect any water that can be reused for non-consumption purposes. For instance, you could fill containers with rainwater or leftover dishwater to use in your garden.

6.  Shop Vintage

Did you know a big reason for waste in the textile industry is waste water? Every person in the United States throws away 68 pounds of clothing every year, as stated by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Solid Waste. By choosing vintage clothing, you can prevent waste while adding unique pieces to your wardrobe.

7. Decrease Consumption of Animal Products

Foods such as cheese, beef and lamb are said to have the highest carbon emissions per kilogram, according to The Environmental Working Group. Try to limit them in your diet, which will also save your pocket.

8. Cook, Eat, Enjoy Leftovers

Instead of eating out or getting takeaways that can add up to a lot of money every month, try to cook simple meals at home. Then, use the leftovers to pack work lunches. This is sure to save you loads every week, plus it’s healthier.

9. Hang it Out

Tumble dryers are expensive because they use a lot of energy, so hang your clothing out in the sun to dry. This can save you hundreds and possibly even thousands of money a year because it prevents energy wastage plus avoids clothing fibres getting ruined from machine use.

10. Scratch Paper Towels off Your Shopping List

If you keep using paper towelling around the house when mopping up spills you’re really just wasting money for something that gets used once and then has to be thrown away. Start using cloths and rags instead that can be washed and reused many times.

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Ten Green Lifestyle Changes that Will Save You Cash

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