Hair and Makeup Trends: Spring 2014

hair and makeup trends 2014

Few women can resist changing their hair every now and again. While some people’s experimentation lends itself to spray-painted pony tails, feathered headdresses and peacock-coloured ombres, other people are more content with a few highlights and simple cut. Regardless of your where you lie on the hair and beauty experimentation spectrum, there are tons of new trends this spring and we’re sure you’ll find some of them interesting (even if it’s not something you can pull off in a corporate setting):

Dishevelled up-dos

Messy buns and loose curls have been cool for a while now, but the new dishevelled up-dos take this look to the next level. Instead of a slight bed-head, the windswept up-do’s almost look like you couldn’t decide whether you want to have your hair up and down that day. In order to achieve this look, curl your hair, use a hair texturiser (this is something that’s always advised in international magazines, but I’m never sure exactly what it means but if you have fine, straight hair, use dry shampoo and/or hair wax so that you can create more volume and make it easier to pin it back). Make sure a bunch of your hair falls around your face and tie the rest back in a bun or a pinned up-do.

hair and makeup trends 2014

Mixed textures

Mixed textured hair is when you’ve got different styles going on – for example, the top half of your hair (close to your scalp) is straight and you’ve got curls or crimped hair at the bottom. In order to pull this off, you have to make the transition natural. Try to focus on making your curls start from your chin instead of from the top of your head. Another variation of this is using gel to slick your hair away from your face and have it hanging loose, straight and product-free down your back.

Old world braids

Everything from fish plaits and side braids were popular last year, but we’re taking it a step further this season by wearing braids that looked like they could’ve been plucked from a romantic novel (and in some cases, an Amish farm). The goal is to create a loose-looking braid that resembles a peasant girl’s braid.

Purple is in

If you haven’t worn purple since high school, it’s time to troll the makeup counters for everything that resembles orchid, lilac and lavender. Not everyone can pull of purple eye shadow, but you can always buy purple nail polish or lipstick to get the look.

hair and makeup trends 2014

Orange lips

If you come from a small town, you might be naturally put off from anything that resembles coral lipstick (because it seems that too many old ladies wore that shade in the 80’s). Bright orange lips, however, are the popular colour this season.

Graphic eyeliner

Some women look great with cat eye eyeliner while some people stick with normal eyeliner year in, year out. This season’s makeup trend will pull everyone out of their comfort zones seeing as angular shapes and straight flicks are what all the runway models are wearing.


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