Fashion Trend: 3D Printed Shoes

Imagine the chance to have beautiful shoes that have been made by a 3D printer. It sounds like something we can expect to see in shoe closets of the future (or in The Jetsons’ home, perhaps), but it’s already happening now.

Meet Float, a pair of 3D printed shoes.

Float shoes are printed by a shoe brand called United Nude. This company recently joined forces with 3D Systems, a leading provider of 3D printing, to set up the amazing 3D Systems Cube 3D Printer. With this gadget, 3D shoes can be created. 

Interactive Fashion

The printer has been placed at the United Nude’s New York City flagship shop. Since this month, customers have been able to play with the interactive touchscreen to design their own shoes and then print them! How it works is that the printer releases plastic shapes that are then placed together so that they fit like a puzzle to become shoes. In case you’re wondering, it will set you back about $99 to make your own shoes in store. This is an amazing fashion 3D experience that is a first in the United States. If shoeholic Carrie Bradshaw had seen this, there’s no doubt she would definitely have wanted to try it out.


But Are They Wearable?

The shoes can definitely be worn, but they are not really made for comfortable walking, even though they are armed with a rubber outsole to give them a small slice of comfort. More than being wearable, however, the shoes are being seen as an exciting way for designers to push the boundaries of fashion technology. The fact that 3D shoes can be created so quickly shows that soon they could be taken one step further: instead of just trying them on, perhaps we will be able to create 3D shoes that we can wear around town.

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