Truth Coffee Now Roasting on Biofuel

Truth Coffee, Cape Town, now roasting on 100% biofuel

On Tuesday, Truth Coffee announced that they are the first coffee roastery in Africa, and probably the world, to roast on 100% biofuel. While the world renowned coffee house is founded on the principles of flavour and the pursuit of quality and excellence, one of their key principles is also to do the right thing.

Roasting on leftovers

Now before you start to question the ethics of using valuable agricultural space for biofuels, we are talking about waste oil, left over from chip frying and the likes from restaurants, hotels and other institutions.

Biofuel is a biodegradable renewable alternative fuel created from nearly any naturally occurring vegetable oils and animal fats, through a chemical reaction process occurring between the natural oils and alcohol, followed by purification. This creates molecules which can be easily burned in a diesel engine. Biodiesel can be made from vegetable oil or fat.

There were no alterations to the current Truth Coffee roaster needed as it had previously run on diesel. In fact the roastery has realised a 78% carbon emissions reduction as a result of the switch to biofuel and they are using less fuel. Most importantly to Truth Coffee, there hasn’t been any adverse effect on the flavour of their coffee.

Biofuel Benefits

Biofuels have several advantages. The latest technologies deliver benefits to multiple interests, including an improved economy, a positive impact on the environment and governmental policies. By using biofuels, Truth Coffee contributes to building a stronger, more self-sufficient community by doing the right thing.

Take the plunge

As a brand, Truth Coffee does not subscribe to any food certification programmes but they do believe in doing the right thing. Hence their support of the Take the Plunge initiative, which lets consumers know whether a coffee shop supports sustainably and ethically sourced coffee, owner David Donde explains in the video below.

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Since buying my own coffee machine and grinder, I have to admit I have become a bit of a coffee snob but let me tell you Truth Coffee never disappoints on taste. At least now I am able to indulge in my favourite pastime, 100% guilt-free! If you haven’t yet been down to Truth Coffee HQ, I suggest you make a turn down there soon, it’s an experience and design delight. 26 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.

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