100% Biodegradable Clothing from Freitag

biodegradable clothing
Freitag launches 100% biodegradable clothing made from plants

Freitag has launched 100% biodegradable clothing made from plants. The brand made a name for themselves repurposing truck tarpaulins into stylish messenger bags and purses. Now, the Zurich-based company is coming out with a small apparel line, made from their newly developed biodegradable textile, F-abric. Made from fibers sourced in Europe, the F-abric clothing will begin to decompose within three months when thrown into compost, making a virtually footprint free line of clothes.

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Over the past five years, Freitag has been developing F-abric, spurred by an idea to create sustainable work wear for their employees. Their requirements were to source and manufacture sustainable fibers from no further than 2,500 kilometers from Zurich, and to create a material that was 100% biodegradable. After much research, F-abric was finally made up of flax and hemp fibers from France, Holland and Belgium, combined with modal fibers from Austrian beech trees. The fibers were spun together into yarn in Slovenia, Tunisia and Italy (where they were also woven into fabrics) knitted in Portugal, and sewn into styles in Portugal and Poland. After making the European rounds, the new line is still considered local. Even the sewing yarn is made from natural materials, and the pants buttons are removable and reusable in other pants.

Working with a textile engineer, a designer and a seamstress, the team came up with a line of simple clothing that includes men’s pants in three colors, a women’s bib dress in two colors, and Henley and short sleeved T shirts in four colors for both sexes – all completely biodegradable. Freitag’s clothes will be available from October 31, but don’t anticipate additions to the line – the brand maintains they are not a fashion line and will not introduce new looks in seasonal cycles.

Source: Ecouterre

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