Five Eco Beauty Must-Haves for Spring

eco beauty for spring

When spring comes around, your skin should glow instead of feel dry. That means you need the right products. Here are five hot picks that should be in your eco beauty box this season.


1. Clean it Right

You should always ensure proper make-up removal, but in spring a good cleanser is especially important because you want to moisturise your skin while also getting rid of dirt and sweat from your day in the sun. Cilaos Foam is great to try because it contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and ginger to cleanse make-up residue. Since it’s free of soap, your skin will feel clean and moisturised instead of dry.

2. Fresh Skin

Exfoliation is a must to prevent the accumulation of dry, dead skin cells. It’s also ammunition against blemished or ageing skin. You can make your own scrub to exfoliate your way to healthier skin. Simply mash up a strawberry, add in a teaspoon of brown sugar and a drizzle of nourishing honey (make sure it’s badger-friendly!), then massage it into your damp skin.

3. Light Moisture

You should switch to a lighter moisturiser now that winter’s over. But just because it’s light, it doesn’t mean it should do less for your skin! Since skin can feel fragile with the seasonal change, you want a moisturiser that will target any skin sensitivity. Dr. Haushka’s Rose Day Cream Light is especially good for people who have sensitive or dry skin. Its ingredients include rose wax and precious rose water that help to balance and calm the skin.

4. Nourishing Washes

Lathering your body with body wash only to feel dry skin later is no fun. You want a body wash that will nurture your skin and keep it feeling smooth. Try Tree Body Wash by Treemendus that contains tea tree to cleanse and protect skin. With ingredients perfect for spring such as peppermint to soothe skin and boost circulation, it’s definitely a must have.

5. Lip Service

You want a good lip balm for dry lips but it should also feel refreshing in the heat! Try Naturals Beauty Coconut Mint Balm that contains lauric acid and Vitamin E to prevent free radical damage, while easing dry and damaged skin.

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