Celebrate Organic Day with Fairtrade & Organic Vodka

Celebrate Organic Day with organic, FAIR vodka, gluten-free too!

Just in time for Organic Day today, 22 September, South African’s will be able to taste the world’s first Fairtrade and organic vodka. This delicious, award-winning, vodka is made from organic quinoa that has been grown using age-old methods in the Bolivian Altiplano.  

A 43% vodka made from quinoa seeds, able to offer an exceptional taste experience. Quinoa is an ingredient very rich in proteins (a superfood), the seed is also known as semilla madre (or the mother of all grains as the Incas called it).  

A new generation of vodka, stemmed from the unique French know-how, produced and bottled in France, in the Cognac area, using Bolivian quinoa seeds cultivated according to the methods of organic farming. It took almost 2 years of research & development between Bolivian producers and Charentais distillers to obtain this unique vodka, borne out of a double brewing operation, and then distillation. Except for the Bolivian quinoa seeds, FAIR vodka is made in France (wheat, water, cap, cork, glass, label).  




FAIR is the first Fairtrade vodka. The FAIR Vodka quinoa seeds are grown by over 1200 small independent producers from the Bolivian Altiplano, grouped under the ANAPQUI, the national association of Bolivian quinoa seed producers. FAIR guarantees higher margins to the producers and donates the 2.5% of its turnover to the financing of local development programs.

Major selling point: FAIR vodka is gluten-free.

Heard enough? Buy your bottle of FAIR vodka here.



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