Do Vegans Have Better Sex?

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If you’re keen on adding a bit of excitement to your love life, consider going vegan. Studies have shown that vegans are having better sex than non-vegans. Here’s why!


Be Scent-sational!

Who doesn’t want to smell their best, especially in the bedroom? A vegan diet, because it is usually high in vegetables and fruits, will make your body smell good – which definitely is attractive. A 2006 study that was published in the Chemical Senses journal made the discovery that people’s body odour when they were following a meat-free diet was less intense and more pleasant than people who ate meat.

Jumpstart Your Energy

Of course, having lots of energy is important when it comes to enjoying a full sex life. A vegan diet that contains natural sugar from fruit instead of the processed variety can help sustain your energy levels, which makes you less tired in bed. Some of the fruits that boost energy the most include bananas, pears and oranges.

Get  Happy!

When you feel happy, this can also have the effect of making you feel more in the mood for sex. The veggies vegans try to eat for nutrition can enhance their sex drive, maybe without them even realising it! Sweet potatoes have a calming effect on the body which boosts serotonin, a chemical that increases feelings of happiness. This helps to combat depression, which can result in a lower sex drive. Broccoli is another vegetable to eat more of, even though it isn’t associated with sexiness! Since it contains high quantities of folic acid, a nutrient that regulates your mood, it can increase serotonin.

Eat Pumpkin Seeds: A Sex Superfood!

Vegans are often told to eat lots of healthy seeds and nuts to ensure they get valuable nutrients, such as zinc. But this mineral can also make one more prone to experiencing an orgasm. According to Dr Mehmet Oz, studies have found that women who have a higher sex drive also display higher testosterone levels. Zinc is a clever mineral that prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and it can be found in a commonly loved vegan food: pumpkin seeds!

Look Leaner

Being confident in the bedroom often has a lot to do with how you feel about your body. By following a vegan diet that cuts out animal fats, chances are you will also lose weight. Studies show that vegans are often leaner than their meat-eating counterparts, which is definitely a boost to self-confidence. If you feel good, you’ll also feel more sexually desirable, creating a scenario for better sex all ’round!

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