Killer Upcycled Halloween Costumes from a Cardboard Box

upcycled halloween costumes
Upcycled Halloween Costume ideas to try with a box

Halloween can be a nightmare for parents. Not only are costumes expensive, but they can be hard to come by (especially for children). If you’re looking for easy, cost-effective and green ways to make your child the star of the party on 31 October, use one of these fun upcycled Halloween costume ideas you can create with a cardboard box:


Paint the box any colour and then include a big, white circle with a menu option, a forward / back / play and pause button on it. Paint a white square just above the circle with an Apple logo on it so that everybody knows your kid is an Apple iPod! For added effect, put huge earphones on your child’s head. Check out the result here.


Since The Lego Movie , there’s been new-found interest in these classic toys that both adults and children enjoy. Turn your child into a lego piece by painting a cardboard box a bright colour. In order to create the round bubbles of lego, take a piece a toilet paper role or any round bottle (such as a Pringles holder) and cut it in half. Use cardboard or paper to close the holes on the side and glue it to the box. See what this looks like here.

upcycled halloween costumes

Jack in the box

You can also create an interesting circus-themed Jack in the Box type costume by painting the box an interesting, colourful pattern, attaching two pieces of material (which will act as suspenders that hold the box on top of your child’s shoulders) and instead of cutting out holds for the head and arms – which is what needs to happen for the two examples mentioned above – you can cut open the top and bottom of the box so that your child moves freely. For added effect, buy a cute, matching jester type hat. Here’s a video of what a rubik’s cube costume would look like (which isn’t exactly the same as a Jack in the box, but you get the idea!).

Image here

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