How to Choose the Right Swimwear For Your Figure


It’s summer and that means beach time! Although you might feel a bit insecure about your body, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy swimwear. You can be sexy in a bikini or swimsuit – you just have to find the right one for your shape.

Figure it Out

Before you can choose the right swimwear, you need to know what your body shape is. Here’s a quick crash course:

  • Athletic – you have broad shoulders but narrower hips. Your body shape is a bit like an upside-down triangle.
  • Slim – you don’t have many curves, and could describe your figure as thin or boyish.
  • Pear – your body is a bit wider at the bottom and narrow on top. You might have smaller breasts and a bit wider hips, for instance.
  • Hourglass – the top and bottom of your body are in more proportion. You might have wide hips and large breasts, for instance, creating an hourglass shape.
  • Apple – you have a wide torso, full chest and broad shoulders, but smaller hips as well as thin arms and legs.

Suit up!

Now you can choose the right swimwear by following these tips:


If you have an athletic figure, you can create the illusion of width with stripes and patterns. Show off your sexy shoulders with a halter-top. Focus on pieces that have details to add femininity to your look, such as gathering on your chest or hip embellishments.


You might think you can get away with wearing any type of swimwear (and you’re usually right), but you might want to give the illusion of some curves. Opt for frilly tops and bottoms to give you a bit more shape. You could also choose a bikini top that ties in the front to add volume.


If you’re a bit wider around your hips and bottom, a tankini can be a great swimsuit as it provides more length to your shape. You could also reveal your assets on top with a bit of a plunging neckline. Asymmetrical shapes can be flattering. If you have a defined waist, show it off with swimsuits that have cut-out sides.


You want to flaunt your curves but without feeling overpowered by them. Lengthen your legs with high-cut bikini bottoms. Longer tankini tops can be a great way to give your body proportion while emphasising your defined waist.


A bit of extra support goes a long way – choose a banded swimsuit and/or one that has side details to lengthen your body. To hide a bit of a stomach, avoid horizontal stripes but opt for the chevron – it sneakily slims you down! Retro-styled bottoms that have a higher waist also work, plus they look really cute.

Make a Splash!

  1. Choose swimwear that has bold colours or busy patterns in the area that you want to draw attention to (not avoid!). So, if you want to create a larger upper body, get a bikini top that has lots of patterns. Want to look like you have a booty? Let the ruffles appear on the bottom.
  2. Go for organic swimwear. Material that feels like second skin should not be filled with ingredients that could be harmful to your body, right? Choose organic swimwear from Vitamin A that makes use of materials such as recycled nylon fibres. Another eco brand is Koru that’s committed to the environment while creating gorgeous pieces.
  3. Make a difference. Love Brand & Co donates money to charities assisting elephant survival in the wild, so when you buy swimwear from them you’re doing a good deed.

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