Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

eco friendly stocking stuffers

Christmas stockings are always a great add-on to any Christmas day celebrations. The challenge is usually finding enough gifts (after all, more people want to include at least two or three gifts in a Christmas sock so that it’s a festive goodie bag) and balancing the cost so that it’s not too expensive. Here are a few eco friendly stocking stuffers to include in your Christmas stockings this year:

Organic sweets and treats

Organic candy doesn’t necessarily sound like something to get excited about, but fair trade and GMO-free treats are a great add-on to any Christmas sock. Faithful-to-nature sells everything from sugar free candies and vanilla chickpea fudge to macadamia paleo bars and kale chips for healthy, tasty alternatives to chocolate and sugar.  You can also check out Food With A Story for raw organic chocolate, organic teas and gourmet cheeses.

Organic bath products

Meadowsweet was created by a trailblazer in the field of organic farming in South Africa and they offer everything from body salt scrubs, body butters and bath milks to essential oils, soaps and spritzers.

Indoor plants for festive colour

Small indoor plants are a great addition to a Christmas stocking. Buy colourful plants such as poinsettia, coleus, kalanchoe or gerbera and include them in your Christmas stockings (just pay attention to wrapping the pot so that the ground doesn’t spill over in the stocking). Another cute idea is to buy a “grow your own tree ” container with Acacia Karoo seeds from Eyako Green. These seeds come in a growing pot and you can even customise a message to be printed on the label.

Besides the abovementioned gifts, you could also spend a bit more money and buy eco friendly electronics such as eco friendly speakers, wind up torches and radios, led lights or a solar powered pedometer. To make your Christmas stockings even more environmentally conscious, be sure to make your own stockings from recycled clothes and fabrics!

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