Dairy Substitutes for Delicious Christmas Cooking

vegan cooking dairy substitutes

If you’re vegan, it doesn’t mean that your Christmas meals are going to be boring! Sure, you can’t use any dairy products, such as milk or butter, in the making of scrumptious treats. But that shouldn’t prevent you from setting your sights on a yummy Christmas menu.

Here are some dairy substitutes that go the distance.

Trade in the Butter

Butter is probably one of the trickiest items of dairy to substitute, but fear not! You can use many dairy-free options.

If you’re baking sweet things, such as cakes, loaves, or even breads, you can use fruit puree instead of butter. Choose fruits that give you a thick consistency, such as pineapples, pears, apples, prunes or bananas. Remember to decrease the amount of sugar in your recipe if you’re using fruit puree as the fruit will give you enough sweetness. How much puree should you use? Half a cup of pureed fruit will be the equivalent of one cup of butter.

Move the Milk

You don’t have to worry about how to substitute milk in recipes: simply use non-dairy milks, such as rice or almond milk. All you do is follow the one to one ratio, which means that 1 cup of dairy milk will be substituted by 1 cup of your non-dairy milk. Easy peasy! Plus, milk substitutes can give your baking a nice jolt of flavour. When cooking dishes that are savoury, however, choose unsweetened milk substitutes that won’t provide a clash of tastes.

Replace Cream

If your recipe calls for cream, you can substitute it with different ingredients depending on whether you need light or heavy cream. Avocados can be used, such as in baking or sauces, as it has a thick and creamy consistency. Coconut milk is another option, although its saturated fat content should limit you to using it as a cream substitute only on special occasions, such as Christmas. If you want a whipped cream option, a cashew cream recipe can be a great alternative, plus it’s really easy to make.

There you go. Dairy-free substitutes to delight your guests this festive season.

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