The Most Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel on Holiday

eco-friendly travel

You might make sure not to notch up lots of carbon miles on your way to and from your holiday destination, such as by making flying as eco-friendly as possible, but what about when you’re soaking up the new sights and wanting to explore as much as you can in a new country? Here are some eco-friendly travel tips to minimise your travel footprint.

Get on the Bus

When taking a short distance trip of approximately 350 miles, a bus emits 60 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is less than a train (approximately 189 pounds), hybrid car (approximately 222 pounds) and other cars. So jump on a bus if you need to get around! As with using a plane for transport, make sure the bus is as full as possible as travelling with more people lowers the per-passenger carbon footprint.

Catch the Train

If the choice is between flying or taking a train, opt for the latter. Flying is considered the least eco-friendly way of getting around, so try to take the train instead. Trains can emit up to 85 per cent less air pollution than planes, while using 70 per cent less energy.

Be Smart About Cars

Walking and riding a bike are the most eco-friendly ways to get around. But they’re not always a viable solution, especially if you are unfamiliar with the destination and are travelling long distances. If renting a car seems like an appealing idea, then make it green by choosing the smallest car available as this is the most fuel-efficient. Also check out the greenest cars of 2014.

Avoid travelling alone in a car or using a larger vehicle. According to a study published in the Environmental Science and Technology journal, taking a 1000 km trip on your own in a large car could produce up to 250kg of carbon dioxide! On the other hand, a train trip or travelling with a few people in a small car only uses 50kg of carbon dioxide per traveller.

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