Fun Christmas Food Designs to Impress Your Guests

As children we were often told not to play with our food, but now you’ve got permission to do just that! Christmas food is not just about how delicious it is – it should also look great. A touch of presentation makes your meals even more festive and decorative.

Here are some ideas to try so that dinner is served stylishly.

Bring Tree Decorations to the Table

Some of those pretty baubles and dangling decorations need not remain on the tree – they could become part of your food presentation. When serving a slice of your favourite Christmas cake, place one of the decorations on the plate beside it. It’s an easy way to bring colour to your meals and every guest will get a different decoration which makes it personal.

Make Fruit Fabulous

The healthy idea of serving fruit doesn’t have to be boring. It’s all in how it looks. Why not place the fruit slices into the design of a Christmas tree, for instance? Here’s an example that will inspire you!

Think Out the Box

Think about objects or symbols that run rife this time of year – such as snowmen or reindeer – and then consider how you could turn your food into representations of them. If you’re making brownies, cut them into triangles instead of squares. Then add a bit of green icing sugar in a zigzag fashion to resemble a tree. There you go, mini Christmas tree brownies in a flash! Another idea is to create the appearance of a Christmas wreath by placing cookies with holes in them in a circular shape on a platter and then running a satin ribbon through their holes before tying it into a big bow. You could also tie some mistletoe to the ribbon if you like.

Use Cookie Cutters

Don’t limit your cookie cutters to your baking efforts. They can come in handy, especially if they’re in Christmas shapes, such as trees or stars. You can use them to cut bread or pizza into fun shapes, which turns a regular meal into something festive.

Shine on!

What can be more fun than edible glitter? It’s also an easy way to add some glitz to your food. You can make your own eco-friendly glitter easily. Here are some tips that were used for Valentine’s Day, but the recipe can be used for Christmas. And, there’s also a fun recipe for making edible paint on the same page. Why not scribble ‘Merry Christmas’ on your plates for a fun last minute touch?

Eco Tip: Food colouring is used in recipes such as the above, so make sure you use your own natural one – here are some easy ways to make a variety of natural food colouring shades.

Have fun preparing your festive Christmas feast!

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