The Ford Ranger Wildtrak. Built Tough.

ford ranger

After driving the Ford Ranger Wildtrak around for a week, it’s not hard to see why the Ford Ranger is South Africa’s no. 1 selling pickup.

But take note, this is not for soccer moms and city-slickers {although I did successfully manoeuvre it around Cavendish Square’s parking lot two weeks before Christmas, madness!}. No, this vehicle is a workhorse and you want to take it off-road or get it dirty on the construction site.

I tested out the Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi Wildtrak 4×4 6AT Double Cab, a beast of a bakkie and yet so much more than just another “bakkie”, this is a truck. Built Tough. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has all the mod-cons from heated front seats {leather seats throughout}, SYNC technology and rear view camera system, which is extremely handy considering the length of the vehicle, at just over 5m! The Wildtrak has a towing capability of 1 800kg {this goes up to 3 350kg on other models} and a water-wading capability of 800 millimetres.

In terms of comfort, the B-pillar in the Double Cab has been moved forward, delivering best-in-class rear leg room and knee clearance. Three adults can easily fit in the second row of the Double Cab while two six-foot sized adults can comfortably sit one behind the other. Making full use of the spacious interior, the Ford Ranger Double Cab offers 23 storage spaces in the cabin – more practical stowage than most competitors. Its deep centre console bin is among the biggest in its class at 8.5 litres and can keep up to six cans of beverage cool in models with a duct from the air-conditioner. The glove box is large enough to accommodate a 16-inch laptop computer while door pockets can comfortably fit 1.5-litre water bottles. Ample storage for mobile phones and other small items can be found in the console and in areas within easy reach of the driver. Underneath the rear seats, convenient hidden storage area for tools can be easily accessed.

ford ranger

What about fuel efficiency I hear you ask. The Ford Ranger powertrains have been engineered to give customers a superior combination of power and torque and excellent fuel efficiency. Three new engines are available to suit every purpose and pocket. Leading the way is the Ford Ranger’s new 3.2-litre Duratorq TDCi five-cylinder diesel engine with a substantial 470 Nm of torque and power rated at 147 kW. Its fuel consumption in a combined cycle is among the leaders in its class, ranging from 8.4 L/100 km on a 4×2 variant to 9.2 L/100 km on a full-option 4×4 model. For those who prefer an engine with a smaller displacement, the new 2.2-litre Duratorq TDCi four-cylinder diesel engine delivers peak torque output of 375 Nm and power output of 110kW. When fitted to a 4×2 model, the 2.2-litre engine consumes as little as 7.6 L/100 km in a combined cycle*, making the Ford Ranger one of the most fuel-efficient pickups in the segment. The 2.5-litre Duratec four-cylinder petrol engine has been enhanced and delivers 226 Nm of torque and outstanding power at 122kW. Fuel economy with a two-wheel drive model achieves 9.8L/100 km in a combined cycle*. These exceptional fuel consumption figures will give the Ford Ranger – fitted with an 80-litre fuel tank – a range of more than 1000 km on selected models before filling up with fuel.

Advanced safety features

Selected models of the Ford Ranger are equipped with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which uses advanced sensors to continuously monitor the path the vehicle is travelling on and compares it to the path the driver wants to follow, as indicated by the steering wheel.

Integrated into the ESP are other new control features that assist vehicle stability and control:

  • Hill Descent Control: Helps the driver on steep downhill grades
  • Hill Launch Assist: Helps the driver pull away on steep climbs
  • Trailer Sway Control: Provides stability control when towing a trailer
  • Adaptive Load Control: Optimal vehicle stability regardless of vehicle load
  • Emergency Brake Assist: Provides additional brake pressure in emergency stopping manoeuvres
  • Emergency Brake Light: Signals to other drivers by flashing the indicators when the vehicle decelerates quickly
  • Roll-Over Mitigation: Helps prevent the vehicle getting into a roll-over situation

Book a test drive and see for yourself why the Ford Ranger is SA’s number one selling pickup for a second month in a row.

*All fuel consumption figures are from officially approved tests in accordance with EC Directive 93/116/EC. Fuel economy figures quoted are based on the European Fuel Economy Directive EU 80/1268/EEC and will differ from fuel economy drive cycle results in other regions of the world.

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