How to Be a Boho Chic Bride


If you want to do something a little less traditional for your wedding with creativity thrown in, consider choosing a bohemian chic style for your big day. This look is one of the bridal trends for 2015, so jump on board if you want something different. Here is how to make yourself glamorous boho chic bride.

Accessories from Nature

Part of the boho chic look is to get inspired by nature. This could include using gorgeous wild flowers or leaves in your hair to give your hairstyle extra flair. The whole point is to make it look as though you simply picked a flower that caught your eye on the way to the ceremony and stuck it in your hair!

Imperfectly Perfect

Whether or not your wedding location is close to the ocean, beach hair is good inspiration for creating a boho chic ’do. Subtly wavy, sensual hair that isn’t straightened looks casual yet stylish. A bit of salt spray can help to give straight hair a messy but fashionable look that sends frizz packing. You can make your own salt spray to achieve gorgeous locks.

Make-up Magic

Before applying any make-up, keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant by cleansing it properly and applying a good moisturiser, such as 100% Pure Super Fruits Reparative Cream that leaves skin plumper and hydrated. Apply foundation to any areas that require coverage, along with a soft blush. Apply it to the cheeks when you smile, to give you that fresh-faced, youthful glow. Stick to neutral tones on your eyes, and avoid a heavy smoky look or too much eye liner. Rather focus on mascara to open up your eyes.

Play Dress Up

Don’t be afraid to bring in different styles to your wedding fashion. This could include wearing a modern wedding dress but adding a few vintage pieces, such as accessories or jewellery, to the look to create a bit of contrast. You can also opt for a non-white wedding gown, such as beige or pale pink, if that matches your individual style. When these pastel colors are teamed with soft fabrics, the effect is pretty and feminine.

Natural and Luxurious Fabrics

Boho chic brides look relaxed and natural as possible, but also inject a bit of glitz to their fashion choices. Get the look right by choosing fabrics such as chiffon, lace, organza and silk. The aim is to feel fresh, stylish and sensual without looking like what you’re wearing is too structured.

The most important thing is to have fun with being boho chic! Allow yourself to be creative and remember: simplicity is the ultimate bohemian elegance.

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