Herbs and Spices that Rejuvenate Your Skin

herbs and spices for skin

You’ve probably heard of fruits and vegetables that can nourish your skin, but when you’re choosing homemade beauty recipes, don’t forget to throw in some herbs and spices for easy and natural skin solutions.

The secret to anti-aging could be hiding in your spice rack! There are some spices that can improve the youthfulness and overall quality of your skin.

Here are the top picks:

1. Turmeric for Exfoliation

You gain many benefits from turmeric, such as tackling blackheads, pigmentation, dry skin as well as fewer wrinkles due to its exfoliating properties. By getting rid of dead skin cells, you enable new and healthy cells to spring to the surface, making you look younger and fresher.

2. Cinnamon for Acne

An easy recipe to heal acne is to combine a teaspoon of cinnamon with three tablespoons of honey. Place it on your skin and go to bed, then wash it off in the morning. While honey is nourishing and keeps skin smooth, cinnamon is great for healing infections of the skin, such as eczema, acne and fungal infections.

3. Get a Glow with Ginger

If your skin is looking a little tired, ginger can perk it up! Place some fresh ginger onto your skin and leave it to work for approximately 20 minutes before washing off. Since it is also packed with antioxidants, ginger helps to stimulate blood circulation so that more nutrients and oxygen can reach your skin.

Ever been interested in starting your own herb garden? Make sure you plant the following so that you can refresh your skin.

1. Basil for Healthy Skin Cells

Add a dash of basil to your pasta, pizza and salads – it helps to prevent damage to skin cells, which can make you look older before your time. This is thanks to how basil contains antioxidants that zap free radicals.

2. Peppermint for Dullness

Peppermint is a deliciously scented thermoreceptor – this means that it helps to cool you down. It’s therefore great when the temperature is hot. But peppermint also helps to give dull skin a boost while treating oily skin.

3. Chamomile for Inflammation

Chamomile is often acknowledged for its ability to soothe the skin. It makes your skin more beautiful by tackling inflamed skin, wounds and bruises. It’s also known as an emollient, while boosting the texture and elasticity of skin.

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