Buy This, Not That! Greener Alternatives to Disposable Products

alternatives to disposable products

Whether it’s batteries, paper towels or plastic bottles, just how many disposable products are you using in your home on a regular basis? These are really not good for the environment. Here are alternatives that are more sustainable.

1. Say No to Plastic Dinnerware

Yes, it’s convenient and cuts down your cleaning time after hosting a dinner or party, but all that plastic piles up in the bin. Rather use your dishes! It really does work out to a lot cheaper and prevents so much plastic ending up in the trash.

2. Cloths, Not Paper

Cloths are a must to use instead of paper towels when cleaning around the kitchen. You can re-use the cloths again and again after washing them, plus they’re more absorbent than paper. Instead of taking two or three swipes from a paper towel roll, you can mop up spills easily with a cloth. Paper towels don’t get recycled efficiently because they become like pulp after use, making them stick to other recyclables, so it’s best to avoid them.

3. Get a Sustainable Shave

If you like the idea of disposable razors, opt for a product like the Triple Razor from Preserve. These razors are made with BPA-free plastic and recycled materials, such as yogurt cups. The package can also be re-used as it’s made of renewable wood sources.

Another way to get rid of hair is sugaring. This is an all-natural alternative to both waxing and shaving with a razor. It makes use of a paste made from lemon juice, sugar and water, and you can make it yourself!

4. Drink up

Buying mineral water is a bad idea. In the U.S., every day 50 million disposable plastic bottles are thrown away! Not only bad for the environment, plastic also leaks chemicals that are bad for your health. Choose an eco-friendly water bottle so you can score hydration on the go.

5. Get Inked

Although you try to limit using your home printer, sometimes it can’t be helped. It’s not just paper that you should be careful not to waste. What do you do with your empty ink cartridges? Instead of throwing them out or recycling them, consider refilling them so you can use them a few more times. This also saves money you’d spend on brand new ones.

6. Recharge, then Recycle!

Rechargeable batteries can be better than having to buy non-rechargeable batteries so often, but they are more worthwhile when used for high-maintenance items because they can be used hundreds of times, saving you money. For instance, if you are using high-tech gadgets or a digital camera on a regular basis, it makes sense to power such items with rechargeable batteries. But remember to recycle these batteries at the end of their lifespan. If you’re wondering whether or not rechargeable batteries are better for the environment, consider this: they have 28 times less of a negative effect on global warming and 30 times less effect on air pollution!

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