The Best Eco Gadgets for 2015


Green tech is already a massive industry and the gadgets are getting cleaner, trendier and smarter every year. Live Eco takes a look at some of the best eco gadgets to look out for this year:


Many people have started to build their own hydroponic systems to grow plants and food, but a startup from Canada is taking it to the next level with 3D printed hydroponics. The company focuses on teaching people (as well as classroom students) how hydroponics work so that more people will find the science behind the system less intimidating.

Smart water systems

While South Africa has many dry months where it’s absolutely necessary to water your garden, you still often see sprinkler and irrigation systems turned on even when it’s raining outside. Droplet is a smart water system that combines robotics, cloud computing and connected services to reduce the amount of water that you waste. The system draws upon a vast system of data to intelligently determine how much water different plants and parts of your garden needs.

Eco-friendly headphones

AudioQuest NightHawk headphones are made from sustainable materials and it won an award for best eco-design at the CES 2015 Innovation Awards. It is also the first mass-produced headphone that has a 3D printed part in its design.

Repurposing old tech

Repurposing old technology is also a trend this year, with many people focusing on recycling things that they can no longer use due to technology that changes at such a rapid rate. Using an old CD case as a bagel or sandwich container is a great (and geeky) way to re-use something that is probably just cluttering your closet or desk. Here are a few more ingenious ways to repurpose your old tech. If you don’t have the patience to repurpose your old tech – or you would rather get cash for things you no longer use – you could also sell them to online electronic buy-back companies.

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