Brides Go Casual: Four Hot Trends to Try

brides go casual

Gone are the days when brides had to look super formal and wear a massive gown. The great news is that you can still look like a princess—just a modern day one—by choosing more casual bridal attire. Do you dare to try one of these styles on your big day?


These are very popular, with the best part being their versatility. You can find jumpsuits in a variety of styles, for many different occasions, such as the workplace, the backyard braai, lunch with the girls and yes—even your wedding. You could make your bridal jumpsuit extra gorgeous by choosing a lace number or one with a wide-leg, halter-neck style that flows when you walk to clinch that bridal flair.

Skip the Ball Gown

Brides are moving away from traditional gowns this year and it seems to be a trend that is set to stick around. The idea is that dresses have clean lines and comfortable yet sleek looks. Oscar de la Renta’s form-fitting ivory silk wedding dress is a great example of understated glamour. Small details can make the trend even more eye-catching, such as plunging or beaded v-necklines. And remember, you can wear it in a variety of colours if you’re not keen on white.


Okay, maybe at first glance shorts feel like they’re a tad too casual for your wedding day. But they’re a great way to be unique on your big day. If you’re having a beach wedding, they’re especially a good idea. J. Crew has launched shorts in their 2015 bridal collection that have an athletic style while being covered in beads. These can definitely be worn again after your wedding which is a bonus!

Get Cropped!

Two-piece gowns that bare your midriff with the use of crop tops add a slice of sexy casualwear to your big day. Of course, you still want to look sophisticated. This can be achieved by making sure the crop top doesn’t show off too much skin—an inch or so is enough! Your crop top can look glamorous when teamed up with a skirt in a ball gown style, giving you the chance to satisfy your fairytale fantasies while putting a modern spin on things. After the wedding, you have more options to wear the separate pieces of your bridal dress again. You could even upcycle your crop top so it can be worn with other items in your wardrobe.

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