Beam Up Your Beauty with Futuristic Makeup


Earth girls wear space-inspired makeup! This year one of the hottest beauty trends is the futuristic makeup look. It’s a fun way to try something different while accentuating your features. The great thing is that you can work the looks to wear them out in public without giving the impression that you’ve just returned from a Star Wars convention.

Comet Eyeliner

Eyeliner designed in arrow shapes is part of this trend. All you need is a swipe of bright white or silver eyeliner across your lids and nothing else, so it works if you’re after a minimalist makeup look. Winged eyeliner is still big, but use eye pencils in bright blue or green to give it that gorgeous futuristic neon touch.

Bold Brows

Brows frame your face, but put a spacey spin on your eyebrows to make them bolder. (No, we don’t mean Spock-inspired!) Brushing on some pastel colour to your brows is a thing this year. It might sound a little crazy, but if you work the tones with your hair color (think soft lilac if your hair is natural red), it’s very striking.

To get the look right, define the shape of your brows and fill in any gaps, then dust on a bit of colourful eye shadow.  A little goes a long way!

Moon Manicures

Spring 2015 beauty trends reveal that less is more when it comes to nails. What’s in is to paint sections of your nails and leave the rest bare. An idea is to paint half-moon shapes or only side strips of colour.

For cloud-inspired nails, forget a French manicure and get a softer look by taking a makeup sponge and dabbing white colour onto nail tips, making sure that you sweep it upwards to create that wispy cloud effect, as seen by Tadashi Shoji at New York Fashion Week.

Space Lips

Rosy and berry shades are big in lip colour this year, but give them a smudged look to create a just-bitten appearance. This also keeps your lips subtle if you’re focusing on dramatic eyes. Another idea is to choose lip colours that have a dash of metallic or glittery sheen in them for a bit of star shine.

Image credit: seprimoris / Dollar Photo Club

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