Ten Ways to Make it an Eco Friendly Easter!

eco friendly easter
Green tips to an eco-friendly Easter

If you want to do something great for the environment while enjoying an Easter feast, there are 10 changes you should make to your green celebration this year.

1. Use Natural Dyes for Eggs

Dyeing eggs is fun for the kids, but make sure you choose natural methods with items straight out of your kitchen – think coffee for brown eggs, turmeric for yellow ones and red cabbage which interestingly makes eggs look blueish!

2. Eat Locally-Sourced Foods

Lower your carbon footprint by using locally-sourced foods and treats as much as possible. Fresh local produce also tastes better because it hasn’t required lots of travel to reach you.

3. Decorate Wisely

You don’t need many things to prettify your home during Easter. Use gorgeous flowers or branches from the garden for interesting table displays. Bring potted plants into the home. Place some of those naturally dyed eggs you’ve made in vases for striking décor.

4. Start a Treasure Hunt!

If your kids plonk themselves in front of the computer or TV all day during the holidays, get them moving by organizing a treasure hunt in the garden or house. Hide clues and special prizes that don’t have to be sugary treats – think vouchers, puzzles, movie tickets or stickers.

5. Green Your Gifts

When choosing gifts for loved ones during this festive period, try something more sustainable instead of chocolate-wrapped, unhealthy presents. An idea could be to plant mystery seeds into pots and give them to your friends. Soon they’ll be surprised with pretty blooms or plants!

6. Go on a Sustainable Sweet Run

Sometimes you can’t escape having to buy sweet treats, but look for fair-trade, organic options that don’t contain a lot of packaging. Less paper and plastic is better for the earth.

7.  Go Back to Your Roots

Easter’s the perfect time to plant a tree in the garden and it’s a fun activity the whole family can do. Wangari Maathai, environmental and political activist, once said that people should plant trees at Easter because it symbolises renewal. It’s also great for the earth!

8. Carpool to the Party

Organise carpools for your guests so that this will cause less pollution even before your feast begins. This could include people in the same areas getting rides together to minimise their environmental impact, plus it gives your guests a chance to get to know each other.

9. Switch Baskets for Buckets

If you’re making Easter baskets, try use containers that are more re-usable, such as small buckets. Fill them with waste items such as shredded newspapers, wrapping paper or grass clippings on which to place your gifts or eggs.

10. Decrease Your Purchases

Don’t let Easter be just another holiday of consumerism! Purchase what you really need and try to re-use items you already have as much as possible. Make it a celebration centred on connecting with loved ones and creating special memories instead of buying material goods that can be replaced or forgotten.


Image credit: Millefloreimages / Dollar Photo Club

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