How to Upcycle Your Wedding Day

upcycle wedding tips

Your wedding was a smashing success and now it’s over. What happens to things left behind that just end up as waste, such as the food and flowers? You’ll be surprised at how many things from your wedding can be re-used or donated.

Your Dress

Don’t hold onto your dress for a second longer! Although you might toy with the idea of turning it into something else to wear, perhaps a formal outfit, chances are it might just end up collecting dust at the back of your closet. If so, why not donate it to a second-hand shop so that some other bride-to-be can look fab on her big day? You can donate your dress here. Let your bridesmaids in on the fun – perhaps dress donation can be something you all decide to do together. Another option to pay forward your dress’s magic is to sell it online.


If you’ve got enough leftover food from your wedding to feed an army, donate it to the hungry. You can do this by contacting local homeless shelters to find out if you can donate food beforehand. If it’s your wedding cake that has leftover pieces, slice these and send them home with your guests! It’s a tasty wedding favour they’ll love. Also, speak to your wedding caterer about ways to minimise food waste. For instance, a good idea is to choose a sit-down dinner for your wedding where portions are measured better when compared to a buffet.


Send extra flowers to nursing homes or hospitals to brighten up people’s days. Or, turn your leftover flowers into gifts for your guests so that they can enjoy them for a bit longer. Another idea is to press and frame flowers so that they become a beautiful reminder of your special day. Here’s an awesome tutorial.


If you have some decorations that are going to be left behind, such as beautiful centrepieces or candlesticks that you bought for your  big day, these can be given a new lease on life by being donated to your home décor. They might look just perfect in your lounge or living room. If you have no need for them, consider donating them to a hospice. Same goes for any items you wore that you won’t use again, such as floral hair accessories.

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