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autumn beauty trends 2015
Your guide to the autumn beauty trends 2015

Now that autumn is here, you might want to make a few changes to your skincare and makeup habits. The whole idea is to play with dark and light elements this season for enchanted beauty.

Luxurious Skin

In summer, a light moisturiser or serum was more than enough to maintain your skin’s health, but now that the temperature’s dropping you’re going to need something more substantial. A thicker moisturiser is great to keep your skin hydrated and nourished, preventing dryness and giving you healthy skin that glows naturally.

Sun Kisses

Sun-kissed is the name of the game when it comes to keeping things beautifully natural this autumn. Add bronzer to your cheekbones to give them greater definition. This is an easy way to feel the warmth of the sun even when your body is covered in layers!

Dark Romance

Beauty trends are getting a little darker now that we’re embracing the colder months. Enjoy it! Make a splash with darker hues of nail polish, and make your eyes smoky with shades of purple or dark brown. This creates warmth while making your eyes striking. Dark berry lips are also popular, but you can keep the au currant trend subtle by smudging the lips to create a smouldering, just-bitten look.

Doll Eyes

On the Autumn/Winter 2015 runways, beauty trends shifted from mascara-free to gorgeously defined lashes that create doll-like eyes. To achieve longer lashes and open up your eyes, place your mascara wand right in the roots of your lashes and then squiggle them out to lengthen your eyelashes from root to tip. This is better than applying too many coats which can dry and stiffen your lashes.

Cross the Line

Eye liner rules are changing for autumn this year, so try these to refresh your look. Apply eye liner to what’s known as the waterline – this is the spot between your eye and lower lashes. You can also line all around your eyes as spotted by the Versace models. Liquid eye liner that’s smudged creates a feathery look that’s also trendy this season. It’s great if you’re battling to get a precise line. Just smudge it a little and you’re good to go.

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