Why Your Kids Should Be Wearing Sustainable Clothing

kids sustainable clothing
Toxic-free clothing for kids

You focus on feeding your children the most nutritious foods, but what about what they wear? Making sustainable clothing choices for them has benefits for the environment and their future.

We know that putting your kids into clothes is one of the many tasks on your ‘to do’ list that you want done efficiently and quickly. This might mean you rush into your local store and buy clothing items without really looking at what they’re made of. If they’re cheap, even better. But this can be bad for your kids and the planet (along with your conscience).

Here are some good reasons why you should choose sustainable fashion for them.

You’ll Stop ‘Feeding’ Them Toxins

You wouldn’t give your children poisonous food, so why let them wear and breathe in toxins? Synthetic fibres used in children’s clothing are manufactured with chemicals that are dangerous and can lead to various health issues, such as behavioural problems, cancer and hormone disruption.

Besides for the item’s fabric, its finishing is also worth a closer look. Many of these finishes have fire-retardant chemicals or synthetic dyes that never wash out. Never. Instead, they continue emitting formaldehyde, a chemical that’s been called carcinogenic.

Even babies’ clothing is at risk. A U.S. study recently tested 18 baby clothing items, such as pants, shirts, sleepers and onesies. They found formaldehyde that exceeded the industry’s limit in some items, while others contained trace amounts of this chemical.

Avoiding such chemicals can help to make your children healthier by warding off illness. This is especially important if you consider that babies’ skin is much more porous than adults’. Choose organic and sustainable clothing that doesn’t make use of chemicals or synthetic dyes in its manufacturing process.

Many of these finishes have fire-retardant chemicals or synthetic dyes that never wash out. Never.

You’ll Prevent Environmental Damage

Kids go through clothing really fast. It feels like one minute they’re in onesies and the next they’re growing out of their trousers. Having to buy new clothing at a fast rate is another good reason to purchase sustainable clothing. What happens to all those chemically-filled items when your child has outgrown them? They might end up in landfills, harming the planet – all those chemicals leaking into the environment isn’t a good thing.

If you choose sustainable clothes, you can feel better about the environment and enjoy recycling or donating your children’s old organic clothes because you’ll know you’re not passing on toxic chemicals.

You’ll Start Healthy Habits in Your Kids

Making sustainable clothing the norm for your young kids gets them into the routine of purchasing such items, which is a good habit they’ll probably choose later on in life. This can be reinforced by telling them why you’re purchasing eco-friendly clothing for them and what it does, such as improve the planet and our health.

Where to Find Sustainable Clothes for Kids

Choosing sustainable wear for your kids really doesn’t have to be a mission. By knowing where to shop, you can choose clothing that doesn’t harm them while rearing them to be responsible and sustainable people in future. Two great sites to check out are:

  1. Love Me Baby: They have a wonderful range of organic items – go on and take a peek.
  2. Earth Child: They’ve got you covered with stylish clothing for new-borns all the way up to teenagers!

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