How to Rock the Double Denim Trend This Winter

double denim
D is for double denim.

Denim is one of the hottest fashion trends this year, but if the thought of wearing it both on top and bottom feels like overkill, you might be doing it wrong. There are ways to make it fresh and fabulous so you can stay ahead of the style gurus this season.

Okay, so when you think of double denim, you probably recall the 2001 picture of Britney Spears and her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake wearing matching denim-on-denim outfits. But these days, pairing denim has become much cooler and more creative.

Shift Your Blues

You shouldn’t stick to the same shade of blue denim unless you want to create the illusion of a one-piece, such as a formal jumpsuit effect with dark jeans and a shirt in the exact colour. Too much of the same denim shade can miss the fashion mark. If you wear different shades of denim, you instantly freshen up the look, such as with a light aquamarine denim shirt on darker jeans. Move beyond blue, too – denim in other colors, such as burgundy or green, is a nice twist to the trend.

Play up Your Accessories

Denim never has to look dull with bright and playful accessories. Think of wearing a faux animal print bag or statement piece of jewellery. This gorgeously completes the look, bringing other colours into the mix.

Skirt the Issue

Although the double denim trend looks good with jeans, a denim skirt is a versatile element to add to your capsule wardrobe. Yes, even in winter! Team it up with stockings and boots, or even tights underneath, for a gorgeous winter staple. This is a great way to give old denim items in your wardrobe some new life, too.

Make it Flattering

You should always rock the trends in a way that accentuates areas of your body you want to draw attention to, while sneakily hiding any you don’t want noticed. That means you should be careful about where you wear the lightest shade of denim as it will enlarge areas. Darker denim is great for its minimising action.

Grab a White Tee

Feel like there’s too much denim on your person but you’re unsure of how to fix it? White t-shirts are always a classic, and they niftily help to break apart all that denim territory while adding something light to your look. Now that it’s winter, you can also trade in your tee for a white jacket or polo-neck.

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