Sandton to Have a Car-Free Month

Sandton taking strides towards a sustainable future, with a car-free month coming this October.

Imagine Sandton without any cars at all. It might sound crazy, but it’s soon to become a reality later this year as Sandton will be hosting the EcoMobility World Festival and Exhibition for ‘Transport month’ in October.

This Festival is a global event that is hosted by a large international city. Sandton is the perfect choice for such an initiative because approximately 300 000 cars enter and leave the region on a daily basis and it’s going to increase by 50 percent within the next decade!

For the event, festivals will be held in the city and people are encouraged to walk or use bicycles to get around. Of course, not having a car to zip around the area sounds like a nightmare, but there will be traffic lanes set up that will be allotted to walking, cycling and public transport vehicles. There are also over 100 Metrobuses that will be used in the area and they are going to run on eco-friendly combustion systems. Conventional Metrobuses that are currently being used will also be fitted with dual fuel systems (making use of diesel and natural gas).

This is an opportunity for people who live and work in the area to explore Sandton and start believing in the reality of an eco-friendly mobile future.

Johannesburg mayor Mpho Franklyn Parks Tau stated that this is an opportunity for people who live and work in the area to explore Sandton and start believing in the reality of an eco-friendly mobile future.

Goals of the festival include:

  1. Encourage behavioural changes by displaying car-free transport methods, such as walking or cycling, and showing that they can be done. This has positive effects on people and the planet, and minimises our effect on climate change.
  2. Reveal what Sandton will look like with alternative transport. 
  3. Make Johannesburg a bicycle-friendly city, such as with cycling lanes. 
  4. Show the city’s initiatives for a cleaner, more sustainable transport system that minimises carbon emissions.

While the festival takes place, many roads in Sandton are going to be closed for private cars. This is the time to start dusting off your bicycles! However, there will also be cycle rides available and eco-friendly vehicles, such as electric cars on hand. Entertainment stalls, food vendors and pop-up parks will create lots of family fun. There will also be musicians and street artists performing for people who will be walking or cycling. And if you need a bit of motivation to use your car less, try out activities that are going to be hosted in some closed streets, such as aerobics, leisure cycling, as well as daily walks.

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