Introducing Remake Challenge Object Finalist: Drew Wolf

drew wolf (2)
Belted by Drew Wolf.

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Drew Wolf

From: Cape Town

Object title: Belted

Tell us a bit more about your “LIVING ROOM OBJECT”. What inspired you?

My living room object is a lounge chair made out of a reclaimed timber frame from the floor of the demolished Virgin Active squash court in Claremont, and seat belt straps salvaged from a scrap yard. I was inspired to make a lounge chair using up-cycled materials that was every bit as good looking and functional as one constructed from virgin materials.

drew wolf (2)

If you had to match a song to your object, what would it be and why?

Paolo Conte – It’s Wonderful. Not because I think my object is wonderful, but rather because the song was playing while I was working on it, and its just a great song.

What challenges have you experienced by adhering to the competition principles of using sustainable design techniques?

The biggest challenge I have encountered is the sourcing of suitable materials actually, and surprisingly it’s the up-cycled timber for the frame that is proving to be difficult. The seat belts for the supporting section of the chair were easy to get hold of at the scrap yard and I was given them for free.

What does sustainable design mean to you?

Beyond the environmental aspect, it comes down to practicality for me. As quality virgin materials become more expensive and scarce it just makes sense to me to reuse and up-cycle materials that would otherwise end up in the dump.

I can’t start my day without…

I don’t really have anything that I absolutely must have or do to start my day, but a cup of tea helps.

You are currently obsessed with?

I’d like to think I don’t have any obsessions either, but the amount of eskimo pies I’ve eaten recently is excessive for a rational person.

3 things we don’t know about you…

I love to swim
I hate organised team sports and I’m not sure if that’s because I’m bad at them or if I’m bad at them because I hate doing them.

What’s on your horizon?

I have a couple of ideas for the future, but right now I’m just focusing on finishing this year at Design Time as best I can.

What is your most treasured piece in your home?

A piece of art.

Top tip when it comes to sustainable design… 

Its easier to achieve than you’d think.

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