5 Nutritious and Seasonal Fruits You Must Eat During Winter

5 winter seasonal fruits
Keep the blues at bay this winter with these 5 super fruits.

Eating local produce that’s in season is not only good for cutting down carbon miles, but it can keep you healthy and happy through the cold winter months.

The only catch when it comes to fruit is that you might not really feel like refreshing fruits during winter, choosing warm, creamy veggies instead. But winter fruits are a must to consume because they’re packed with vitamins. The bonus is that you can add zing and warmth to them.

1. Bananas

You might have heard that you should eat an apple a day, but the same rule applies to bananas, especially in winter. This is because they’re packed with energy and contain a compound known as tryptophan, which gets converted into serotonin in the body so you can kiss a bad mood goodbye. Enjoy them warm in banana bread or make a hot smoothie by blending a cup of hot water with a peeled banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, walnuts and dates. Great start to the morning!

2. Gooseberries

These berries are delicious in comforting winter dessert recipes so you should make the most of them. They’re also good for you, being packed with Vitamin C the body needs to fight free radicals that can cause damage to DNA and cellular tissue. Just one cup of fresh gooseberries contains about 55 percent of your body’s daily needs of this antioxidant. Try gooseberry and almond streusel squares – perfect with a hot cup of tea.

3. Oranges

Although you might not fancy biting into an orange that’s cold from low indoor temperatures, these citrus fruits are a must to consume. Besides for conventional wisdom that they contain Vitamin C, oranges have many benefits, including helping your body fight off viral infections. This is thanks to their polyphenols. Oranges also have a good source of potassium which keeps your heart working well. How potassium works is that it functions with other electrolytes to ensure that cells have the correct levels of fluid, making electricity conduct throughout your body’s system optimally so your heart functions at its best. Don’t be afraid to add orange to your soups – yes, really! It adds extra flavour and when mixed with tomatoes and cheese in this recipe, it really works to warm you up.

4. Papaya

Having smooth and beautiful skin throughout winter means not only lathering your skin in quality moisturisers but also eating the right produce to keep your skin clear and healthy. Papayas are great for your skin because they are filled with nutrients, such as Vitamins A and C. They can be used to treat various forms of skin irritation and conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Add papaya to your chicken meals: the combination is extra delicious in this recipe that adds spices, such as ginger, for body heat.

5. Pineapples

You might assume that pineapples are just great for summer – think cool smoothies and pool parties. But they can be really good for you to consume in winter, too. Pineapples are rich in beta-carotene, which strengthens your immune system. They’ve also got Vitamins B1 and B6 to increase your energy – a must when you’re feeling lethargic during the cold months. Pineapple casserole, that only takes about 40 minutes to make, is a great way to get more of this fruit while indulging in comforting dinner.

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