Introducing Remake Challenge Fashion Finalist: Roxanne Louw

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Oxymoron by Roxanne Louw.

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Roxanne Louw

From: Cape Town

@louwki_ {Instagram}

Collection title: Oxymoron

Tell us a bit more about your “URBAN LUXE” collection. What inspired you?

My Urban Luxe collection is called Oxymoron because it has a contrast of different kinds of elements . Such as smooth textures to woolen coarse fabrics. Also because my concept is about the current season in the city . I used rustic metal and metal as a theme and that’s where I got my colour theme. I was inspired by a few things that formed my concept. Of course my own personal style played a big role in it. I’d describe my style as simple, boyish yet still feminine. I bought this brown jacket from a 2nd hand store one day and it’s currently a favorite item of mine. It looks as if it was made out of a doggy blanket and that was one of my major key inspirations. It’s brown and woolen, yet still very simple and chic. I like bargains and especially upcycling old clothing.

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If you had to match a song to your collection, what would it be and why?

The perfect song to match my collection would be Bloom by Odesza. It’s such a gloomy song yet pretty and will suit my collection perfectly.

What challenges have you experienced by adhering to the competition principles of using sustainable design techniques?

I didn’t come across many challenges through this process. I’m very decisive about what I want and how I want it and always make a plan to make it work. Most of my design materials I am using are materials I have kept for a rainy day. So I’m pretty amped on recycling and upcycling these materials into something awesome.

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What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Sustainable fashion to me means creating fashion that’s is eco friendly. Fashion that is trendy and fun yet still supporting the environment and supporting zero waste. It should be cost effective and fun.

I can’t start my day without…

Music. It sets a good tone for my day.

You are currently obsessed with?

A good pair of trousers.

3 things we don’t know about you…

I love film photography. That is a current fav.
I love horror movies on a gloomy day.
I can cook a minute rice in 58 seconds.

What’s on your horizon?

One of my current goals is venturing to become a milliner.

What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe?

My comfy soft fleecy gown that cuddles me on a long cold day.

Top tip when it comes to sustainable design…

Making fun out of it. Design is also about craft and there is no better feeling when taking something old and turning it into something usable and beautiful.

The Remake Design Challenge is proudly brought to you by Pick n Pay in partnership with The Cape Town Fashion Council.

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