Introducing Remake Challenge object finalist: Ariana Brogneri

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Light up the past by Ariana Brogneri

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Ariana Lia Brogneri

From: Cape Town

Object title: Light up the past

Tell us a bit more about your “LIVING ROOM OBJECT”. What inspired you?

I was walking through the Milnerton flea market and I came across a box filled with hundreds of old, photographic slides. As I looked through each slide, I had to face it towards the sun to get a clear view of each photograph and so I drew my inspiration from these photographic slides and their ability to come to life once they are illuminated.

arianabrogneri (2)

If you had to match a song to your object, what would it be and why?

“Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys. The title of this song reminds me of my product because the slides create everlasting memories and its illuminated by a light creating ‘Everlasting light’

What challenges have you experienced by adhering to the competition principles of using sustainable design techniques?

At first, I found it quite challenging to create something that was commercially aesthetic as well as being eco friendly and sustainable. Once I came up with my “Light up the past…” idea, I struggled to decide whether to use negative film strips, which had no excessive waste, whereas each of the photographic colour slides came in a plastic frame and I would need to find out if that particular plastic could be recycled.

What does sustainable design mean to you?

To me, sustainable design is creating products out of materials that can be re-used or repurposed by future generations, in order to prevent pollution and landfill waste. It’s about protecting the environment and the few resources we have left.

I can’t start my day without…

A nice cup of coffee and a cigarette.

You are currently obsessed with?

Mid-century furniture and shades of turquoise.

3 things we don’t know about you…

I could live on sushi.
I was the singer in a local band.
I like shopping at second-hand stores.

What’s on your horizon?

After I graduate from Design Time, I would like to open up an up-cycled furniture shop with my mom.

What is your most treasured piece in your home?

A framed, vintage photograph of my grandfather.

Top tip when it comes to sustainable design…

See the potential to create beauty out of anything.

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