Smart Phone, Dumb Battery? New Tech Will Change All That

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Researchers from the Ohio State University have come up with a sparkling new technology that will make cell batteries last up to 30 percent longer.

A recent British study found that what people look for most in smart phones is longer battery life – even more than camera quality, processing speed or a certain brand of phone. If your smart phone battery never lasts as long as you need it to, there’s good news on the horizon.

Recycling Phone Signals

Researchers from the Ohio State University have come up with a sparkling new technology that will make cell batteries last up to 30 percent longer. This translates into hours of extra battery life. How it works is that the technology collects all the wasted energy that the phone gives off in the form of radio signals and cleverly gives it back to the starved battery. The only catch is that to reap the benefits of the energy boost, you need to be online to make the phone harvest the signals. That means it works when you’re having an IM conversation, chatting on the phone, or surfing the net. It’s like putting your time online to good use!

Log On and Save the Environment

This is not not only a helpful way to keep you connected, but the technology finds great use for cell phone signals that get lost in the air  – up to 97 percent of a phone’s radio signals end up missing in action, which is quite shocking. By harnessing their power you prevent having to recharge your phone so much, which is also kinder to the environment because you’re not using so much electricity every day. Good news especially in South Africa with our current power crisis.

You’ve Got the Power

By making use of this technology, you might be able to lengthen the life of your smart phone because you’ll be able to use it for greater sessions at a time, instead of weak batteries making you want to rush out and replace your model. The added benefit of this technology is that it’s convenient and can work with most smartphones: it can be built into a phone’s protective case! However, the engineers are keen to join forces with a manufacturer so that the tech can be built straight into a phone. The best news is that this clever technology could also make its way into other portable electronic gadgets such as tablets, allowing everything to power on for longer.

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