Why You Should Connect With Your Friends This Women’s Day

This Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to set an offline meeting with your besties.

If it feels like you need to log onto social media in order to stay in touch with your closest friends, this Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to set an offline meeting with your besties. Science backs this up, with a variety of reasons why friends are so good for you. So read on and then phone a friend!

1. Friends Increase Your Lifespan

In a study by Flinder’s University in Australia, 1,500 people were monitored for 10 years and the researchers found that people with a larger friend circle lived 22 percent longer than those who had fewer pals. Having solid friendships improves your health, helping to keep depression at bay, boosting your body’s immune system and helping you deal with stress.

2. Friends Keep Your Relationship in a Good Place

When you’re in a relationship you should still make time for your friends, but the friends you and your partner socialise with as a couple are also important. In fact, they could help you see your partner in a new, positive way. Two studies conducted by the University of Colorado paired various couples together and questioned them on a variety of subjects, sometimes getting quite personal. Afterwards, these strangers said they felt more passionate towards their partners – much more than those who were stuck with having to engage in small talk with each other. Having new couple friends is a great way to bond with your partner and see them, as well as your relationship, in a new light. Added to this, conversations with substance are linked to greater wellbeing, so that’s a good reason to question the meaning of life during your next tequila night.

Happiness is catchy so make sure you surround yourself with cheerful, upbeat people

3. Friends Can Help You Stick to Good Lifestyle Changes

Support is crucial when you’re making a positive change in your life, such as if you want to start an exercise or healthy eating plan. This buddy system has been shown to be highly beneficial and it makes sense. Just think: if your friend goes with you to the gym, you’ll definitely be more likely to attend and have fun doing it. Having disciplined friends also comes in handy. A 2013 study that was published in Psychological Science found that when people experience bouts of low self-control they head to people who have self-discipline so that it will make their willpower stronger. So make sure some of closest friends are on speed-dial when you’re eager to fall into bad lifestyle habits!

4. Friends Boost Your Happiness

Have you ever felt under the weather but being around a happy friend helped to disperse your inner clouds? You’re not imagining it. A study by Harvard Medical School monitored 5,000 people over a period of two decades and found that a person who is happy can spread it through their group of friends. Amazingly, this effect has the potential to last up to a year! Happiness is catchy so make sure you surround yourself with cheerful, upbeat people.

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