Five Spring Energy Superfoods

spring superfoods
Grapefuit contain pectin, which gives your body the energy it needs to have better health and ward off disease

Just because the weather is warmer, it doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed of instantly feeling energetic. If it feels like you’re still carrying the hibernation desire of winter, here are five superfoods to boost your energy and give you that spring feeling.


It’s become clichéd to hear of spinach’s nutrient value, but it conceals a secret source of energy underneath its promise of iron and antioxidants. Swedish researchers have found that compounds found in spinach boost the efficiency of our cells’ mitochondria – these are specialised structures that produce energy. Just one cup of cooked spinach every day is enough to give you a better run of energy when you need it.

Lacuma Powder

Lacuma is subtropical fruit in South America that gets dehydrated to produce lacuma powder. It is used mainly to provide flavouring to foods but it can be used as a sweetener. Since it’s low on the glycaemic index, it can help to keep your blood sugar levels steady so that you maintain your energy. Added to this, lacuma powder is full of carbs you need for fuel.


You might not think of artichokes when you scramble for energy-boosting foods, but these are packed with magnesium. This mineral is responsible for hundreds of processes in the body, one of them being energy production. Without it, your body gets tired much easier. So if you can’t escape that weariness after a busy day, you should top up on more artichokes.


Black foods, such as blackberries, have greater amounts of antioxidants than lighter ones due to their rich colour which is caused by polyphenols. The great thing about polyphenols in delicious blackberries is that they make you think better. They clean up cells that spoil brain function, so they’re great when you need mental energy.


Low energy can make you feel blue, so reach for grapefruits. These tangy fruits contain folate which improves your energy while also keeping depression at bay. They also contain pectin, which gives your body the energy it needs to have better health and ward off disease.

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