Five Low-Cal Christmas Recipe Ideas

christmas recipes
Festive foods don’t have to be high in calories. Here are five tasty and healthy recipes to try.

The foods you enjoy over the festive season are known for being delicious and fattening, which is why you might dust off your gym membership once the holidays are over. But festive foods don’t have to be high in calories. Here are five tasty and healthy Christmas recipe ideas to try.

Delicious Bites!

Small snacks are great for the Christmas table, and they don’t have to be difficult to make. Here’s a recipe you can whip up quickly. Simply use your food processor to blend together garlic, feta, ricotta and dill. You want the mixture to be nice and thick. Then, take a cucumber and halve it lengthways. Remove its seeds. Cut it into smaller pieces so that you can place the blended mixture into it. So quick and tasty!

Low-Cal Turkey Stuffing

Turkey is a staple at Christmas. To enjoy it while cutting back on calories, you need to remove its skin – all the fat and calories are in it!

Be sure that your stuffing is also low in calories without missing out on deliciousness. This turkey stuffing recipe makes use of ingredients such as light bread, vegetables, apples, broth and herbs. It takes a traditional stuffing recipe and replaces its ingredients with lower-calorie ones.

It’s worth noting here that you can do this with all your Christmas recipes. Just by lowering the amounts of common diet offenders, such as bread and butter, you can make a huge calorie difference.

Bring Vegetables to the Party

You want something at the table that’s both nutritious and yummy, so this salmon and spinach roulade recipe fulfils that goal. It’s also a good idea to make this if some guests aren’t that keen on turkey. The trick is to use low-fat cheese and low-fat sour cream. The salmon instead of beef is also a much healthier alternative.

Fresh ’n Filling Salads

It’s summer so you probably don’t want too many hot foods. Tasty salads are a must and you can make them more satisfying. Here’s a great recipe that adds roasted chicken and pieces of ciabatta bread to your salad – so delicious! This is also a smart way to minimise bread in your meal without completely giving it a miss.

What’s For Dessert?

Instead of cake or fattening dessert, opt for smaller portion treats such as parfaits. Here’s a recipe that’s the perfect way to end a satisfying Christmas meal: vanilla and pomegranate parfaits. By making the milk low fat and only using one teaspoon of butter, this recipe is just 209 calories per serving. Its pomegranate juice and seeds are also a clever way to bring antioxidants into your meal.

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