10 Ways to Fight Chapped Lips This Winter

The cold wind is a huge culprit of dry lips so wrap a scarf around your mouth to protect your skin.

You keep reapplying lip balm but it feels like your lips are always so quick to dry out and become chapped during the cold months. That’s because the skin on your lips is thinner than on the rest of your face and more vulnerable to the winter elements. But you can nip chapped lips in the bud. Here’s what you should be doing to achieve a beautiful pout.

  1. Apply lip balm before washing your face. Your cleanser might be drying out the skin on your lips, especially if it contains ingredients such as salicylic acid. If your lips feel a bit dry after washing your face, reapply your lip balm.
  2. Get scrubbing. When you exfoliate your face you should also scrub your lips. A simple recipe of mixing together honey and sugar is all you need to get rid of those dry flakes. Try to exfoliate once or twice a week to keep your lips smooth and soft.
  3. Remember to finish off the exfoliating process with a nourishing lip balm to lock in the hydration otherwise your lips can feel even drier! Avoid products with lots of fragrances that can be irritating and choose an organic product instead. Try Ultrabalm by Lush that is free of petroleum and full of plant waxes. Best of all, you can even use it on dry skin elsewhere on your body.
  4. Avoid eating citrus fruits. Oranges, grapefruits and lemons are all acidic which can dry out your lips, so give them a pass for a while until your lips heal.
  5. Cover your mouth when heading outside. The cold wind is a huge culprit of dry lips so wrap a scarf around your mouth to protect your skin.
  6. Stop licking your lips! When your lips feel dry, you might lick your lips, but this actually makes them even more dry and cracked. Resist the urge.
  7. Avoid long-lasting lipstick. Although it might make sense to choose a long-lasting lipstick so you don’t have to fuss with your lips, these actually dry them out. Choose a creamier one that contains moisturizing ingredients, such as Dr Hauschka’s Lipstick Novum that gives you a hydrating splash of colour. It contains argan oil to give your lips a pampering bit of moisture, protecting them from dryness.
  8. Wear sunscreen. Before stepping outside, make sure your lips are protected with sunscreen because the sun’s rays dry out your skin and can make any red, cracked lips even more inflamed and sore.
  9. Get a humidifier. To combat dry, chapped lips, invest in a humidifier for your home. It pumps mist into the air, preventing your indoor air from becoming dry.
  10. Check for allergies. If your lips never seem to heal, there could be an underlying problem, such as an allergy to skincare products. A simple allergy test can help you learn what’s causing your chapped lips so you can send them away for good.

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