Home DIY Winter Tips That Will Save Energy

Cover up your feet with socks and your head with a beanie to prevent loss of body heat.

It’s not always easy to stay warm in winter, especially if it feels like stepping into your home after a long day is like walking straight into a fridge. But you don’t have to use lots of energy to stay cosy.

Seal Up Cracks

Take a walk around the outside of your house and check for any cracks or holes in the foundation, around windows and in door frames. This is how cold air can seep in. You’ll need some weather-resistant caulk to patch them up.

Let the Sunshine In

Those south-facing rooms can get really icy, so you want to open the curtains in them to let the sunshine in during the day and then be sure to close them at night to seal in the heat and prevent the cold glass from bringing a chilly air inside.

Make Your Curtains Go The Extra Mile

When it’s really cold, you need thicker curtains to prevent loss of heat through the windows. You might not even have to buy some new ones. Line the ones you already have with fleece or other fabric, or use shower curtains to give you extra protection against cold drafts.

Use Tin Foil

Get some tin foil and stick it behind wall-mounted heaters, with the shiny part of the foil being on the outside. This ensures that heat won’t get absorbed by the cold wall. Instead, it will be reflected back into the room.

Place Your Heater Under a Shelf

This helps to create more warmth and prevent heat from reaching the ceiling where it can disappear – a lot of heat in the house is lost through the ceiling.

Keep Your Bed Warm Without an Electric Blanket

To get a cosy bed at night and therefore much better sleep, you should place a hot water bottle in your bed to warm it up before you get in. Cover up your feet with socks and your head with a beanie to prevent loss of body heat. You should also make use of a fitted sheet and top sheet to increase cosiness. These tips ensure sweet dreams while saving electricity.

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