New App That Makes You Smarter About Food

Although food labels are great, sometimes you might wish they could tell you more about the food you're buying. That's no longer a dream.

There’s an app for everything these days, and many new food apps that are changing the way in which we eat. One of the coolest web-based apps is Sage, and it’s focused on making you smarter about what you eat and where your food comes from.

More Than Food Labels

Although food labels are great, sometimes you might wish they could tell you more about the food you’re buying. That’s no longer a dream. Sage is a food app that was developed in New York City by Sam Slover, a designer and developer who is interested in healthy eating, and it aims to inform you about your food in really fun ways that you wouldn’t find on products.

For instance, it will not only tell you how many calories are in a chocolate bar but also how many minutes of jumprope you should do to burn them off. The calorie calculations are based on information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so you know you’re getting reputable information.

Tracking Your Food Miles

It’s not always easy to know how many carbon miles your food has used to reach you, but Sage makes that information much more accessible so you know more about the eco-friendliness of a product before tucking into it. It also gives you info about allergies, GMOs and additives so that you know which foods are best avoided to keep you healthy.

Understanding Ingredient Gibberish

Ever looked at a product ingredient and wondered how to pronounce it and what the heck it means? It happens to everyone sometimes and it can be troubling. Sage solves the issue by breaking down these ingredients and why they’re in your food.

Realistic Serving Sizes

When you look at the serving size on food labels, you might see that they don’t match up to the amount you’re eating. With Sage you can adjust the food’s serving size to see exactly how the nutritional information relates to you. It’s an easier way to track calories and fat, while helping you see where you can cut down on calories to prevent weight gain.

You can learn more about Sage by checking out the website.

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