Green buildings now the law in SA

South Africa´s construction industry is set to go green – and create new jobs – when new energy efficiency building regulations come into effect in November, boosting a growing trend of cutting-edge green architecture in the country

Great new eco gadgets for men

Written by: Adrienne BrookbanksWhen it comes to energy-efficient, sustainable gadgets, there are more impressive options and technological advancements than ever before. From solar powered mosquito zapper lanterns to clocks that run on water, we’ve found some of the coolest eco gadgets on the market

Hot male eco-fashion designers

Written by: Giulia SimoloAlthough green is the new black, eco-friendly designers are not as common as we’d like them to be, and this is especially the case when it comes to male designers. However, there are some hot names that steam up the runway and lay down the threads for the creation of a more

Spiezia Organics & Balm Balm arrive in SA

New to SA´s eco beauty shores are the Balm Balm and Spiezia Organics skincare ranges, which launched in the country last month. According to love green´s Sue Rowan, the sole importer of the 100% natural skincare products, it’s time for South African consumers to catch up to the rest of the world whe

Cape Town gets new nature reserves

Written by: Mark ReidThe City of Cape Town will soon submit an application to the Western Cape provincial government for the proclamation of two new nature reserves in the city, and the expansion of an existing reserve.The news follows a positive reception to the announcement made in early 2011 that

Sustainability is sexy with Seth Aaron

During a jaw-dropping presentation at Portland Fashion Week, sustainable lifestyle apparel brand Earthtec unveiled its provocative collaboration with Seth Aaron Henderson, season 7 winner of “Project Runway.” The completely sustainable collaboration was inspired by Earthtec and Seth Aaron´s mutual p

Stella McCartney launches eco-friendly sunglasses

Stella McCartney will launch a new eco-friendly range of sunglasses in her spring collection.The designer is famed for her responsibly sourced garments, having previously introduced vegan high heels to her label.Her new collection will feature five pairs of eco-friendly sunglasses, three with acetat

Kirstenbosch best place to picnic

Written by: Wilma den HartighNational Geographic has named South Africa´s Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden as one of the world´s best picnic spots.Kirstenbosch, which was established in 1913 to conserve and showcase the diverse flora of Southern Africa, is widely celebrated as one of the great