eco new year resolutions

Eco Resolutions for the New Year

Any long-term habit stems from an idea, the decision to implement the idea and the commitment to make it an ongoing routine. The New Year is the perfect time to reassess your sustainability habits and find out where you can make improvements. Here are a few eco resolutions to consider adding to your action plan:

fitness tips for the festive season

Fitness during the Festive Season

Many people go into ‘holiday mode’ during the first or second week of December. There are so many work functions, get togethers with friends and family celebrations that the increase in alcohol consumption and eating is to be expected.

eco fashion trends

Eco Fashion Trends to Watch Out for this Summer

The textile and fashion industry is often in the news due to the unsustainable, quick and cheap way they produce garments. Luckily, there are many eco conscious designers and brands who are turning away from sweatshop labour and carbon intensive production methods. An increasing number of prominent designers, politicians and business owners are looking into the business practices of their suppliers, which is a big leap in the right direction for the industry.

sugar free halloween

Sugar-Free Halloween Treats

Many parents are trying to cut back on the amount of sugar their children consume, but events like Halloween can be tough seeing as candy is such a big part of the festivities. Whether you’re dishing out treats or just want some sugar-free ideas to keep around the house, consider these options instead:


Host the Perfect Banting Braai

At this point in time, everyone knows what banting is and has at least one friend who follows the Tim Noakes’ diet religiously. Luckily, meat is on the green (go!) list so most of the meat that you will serve at your braai is A-OK among banters. The difficulty is preparing desserts and side dishes that don’t include carbohydrates or sugar. Here are a few suggestions:


Strong is the New Skinny

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or all three, you’ve undoubtedly seen the “fitness motivation” pictures that pop up in your social media news feeds. “Strong is the new skinny” is the latest saying, encouraging women to focus on health and strength instead of starvation diets and wafer-thin frames.


Comforting Winter Vegetarian dishes

Winter is a time for comfort food! Warm soups, creamy macaroni and cheese and steaming cups of gluehwein are all of great indulgences that go hand-in-hand with the cooler months. We’ve rounded up a list of fantastic vegetarian dishes for you to try this season: