The danger in plastic

When you purchase plastic, chances are you scrutinise the ingredients of whatever food or baby product you’re buying, but there could be poison lingering in that packaging. Recently scientists in the UK called for safety trials to be carried out on a chemical that’s usually found in plastic food pac

Common eco beauty mistakes

Your makeup bag is overflowing with natural gems, but are you sure you’re not committing eco mistakes? When getting your green on, there is more to consider than what ingredients are in that fresh new lipstick.

Score vintage celebrity style

Some celebrities make vintage clothing look chic and classy. It’s about not being afraid to experiment a little and add something unique to your look. The bonus is that vintage clothing is gorgeously green.

Five things to do for Earth Hour

Switch off to switch on You might think that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook keep you socially connected, but often the opposite is true. (Just how many online friends do you know? Exactly.) So, Earth Hour is the perfect time to get together with friends and switch off all comput

W Café – Woolworths Melrose Arch

It’s not always easy to find eco coffee shops and restaurants that really live up to their green claims, but W Café in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg is a venue that does. Put it on your café-hopping list if you’re in search of eco-friendly and delicious meals. A quick glance at the menu is already enou

The truth about hemp

Words by Giulia SimoloGreen or not green? Shopping savvy or silly? Here’s all you need to know about hemp: the good, the bad and the eco. Hemp is a variety of cannabis grown for its valuable fibre and seeds. Sometimes people are against hemp as an eco-friendly fibre because growing the cannabis plan

Eco glam to eco nappies: Jessica Alba

Words by Giulia SimoloWe are so used to celebrities bursting out with the latest glamorous fashion labels – and it seems that one is doing so in-between blinks! – so we don’t usually expect that a celebrity is going to launch something more modest with fewer frills. Glamorous Jessica Alba has done j