eco friendly dog beds

Dogs are man´s best friend right? So why not treat them to their very own Eco Friendly Bed! Well if this is something that appeals to you and your best friend, West Paw is for you!Eco sustainability and luxury combine to make these organic dog beds a perfect purchase. Organic grown cotton covers and

Green Mountain Eco Route

Here is something for all you Slackpackers out there! Elgin has a new eco route for “lazy backpackers!” Landowners in Elgin have grouped to promote country activities, biodiversity and conservation. The trail is the brainchild of Dr Paul Cluver, Alison Green and Murray Weiner, all members of the Gre

Scarecrow Organics

Every day we assemble an outfit in which we will present ourselves to the world.  We are told the way we dress says much about our identity.  Well we believe neither the quality of human life nor piece of earth need be compromised for our fashion demands.We therefore aim to supply our cust

Print on both sides

Print On Both SidesYou know what? It´s not that hard to print two sides on your computer. But even though most software programs give that option, most of us still print only on one side of the page. Consider this: the U.S. alone uses 4 million tons of copy paper annually, about 27 pounds per person

Stella McCartney

Stella Goes Green The most high profile of the names on our site, Stella McCartney inherited her ethical values from her parents and champions them through her much-sought after label. Thanks to her vegan beliefs all her accessories are leather free, her skin care range is organic and last year s

Living Green on the Cheap!

Around the country, times are tough. More jobs are being lost around the world, than are being created, and retail sales are down sharply from last year. There’s been a run on piggy banks and belts are getting tight. If you’re looking for ways to be frugal without sacrificing hard earned comfort, he

This unisex line of skincare provides a sleek, no frills way to exfoliate, hydrate and nourish. Encased in glass, Mod.Skin utilizes organic ingredients to get the job done. Blue Green Algae, Rosemary, Lotus Extract and Roman Chamomile with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and other trace

Get Your Glow On

Get Your Glow On

If you haven´t yet heard about glominerals then listen up! It is glōminerals´ belief that good-for-you beauty doesn´t have to be basic. Innovative eye, cheek, and lip products are offered in a rich color palette of fashion-forward shades and timeless color classics designed to enhance every com

Pay Bills Online

Pay bills onlineSave natural resources – as well as late fees – by enrolling in online bill-paying options. Paperless billing not only saves trees; it also eliminates the fossil fuel needed to get all those billing envelopes from them to you and back again. Plus, you´ll save money on stamps.

Put Your Best "ecofriendly" Foot Forward

In the past, ecofashionistas have had an internal battle over environmentally friendly vs. chic shoes. Fortunately, the days of boxy, unfashionable foot coverings are behind us, and shoe designers that combine panache with an eco-friendly purpose keep popping up on our radar. Read on for our top pic