How to Live off the Grid

Not only does living off the grid make you more independent and reduce the size of your carbon footprint, but it can also be much cheaper for you in the long run!If you think about it, we are dependent on public services in so many ways: everything from the removal of our waste – toilet and kitchen

How to make your own cushion covers

This sewing project is great for beginners. Not only will you feel a great amount of pride once completed, but you will also have a pretty addition to your home interior!Know thy Sewing Machine It is very important that you understand your sewing machine to avoid any frustration, helping to make se

‘Made in China’: Why you should Kick the Habit

Every time you buy a product made in China you are supporting everything from labour exploitation to environmental destruction. Sure it’s cheap, but what are the real hidden costs?You would be shocked to learn how many products in your home were manufactured in China. Even if designed or assembled i

Green banking with Nedbank

Words by Rachel BriantThere are certain UK banks that invest only in that which is good, green and clean – namely Triodos ( and the Co-operative ( – but it is not immediately clear which local banks follow suit. Nedbank advertises itself as a ‘