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Is Strobing Really the New Contouring?


Contouring is one of the most important parts of your makeup routine, helping you accentuate your bone structure and highlight your best facial assets. But now a new technique called strobing might just kick contouring aside. Here’s what it’s all about.


Great Hair Hacks


Nothing is quite as frustrating as YouTube’ing “how to make a simple hair bun” and then getting lost in a flood of 15 minute+ tutorials that are hard to follow and require a Checkers bag full of tools and accessories.

makeup contouring

Makeup Contouring


Magazine cover perfection can be attributed to Photoshop, but you can’t really fake it on live TV, can you? Photoshopping a video isn’t a thing. Their trick is makeup contouring.

dr hauschka dear eyes

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Spring 2013


Last week I was one of the lucky ladies to attend High Tea with Dr Hauschka’s Karim Sattar (what a nice guy!) at the picturesque De Grendel Restaurant just outside of Cape Town, for the launch of Dr Hauschka’s new Limited Dear Eyes Collection for Spring 2013.